Car Servicing Cardiff

Remember havng your car serviced is not the same as an MOT. MOTs are mandatory, having your car serviced regulary helps to maintain it's efficiency , durability and helps to identify small problems before they becopme big problems and ultimately cost you more money.

Un-serviced cars tend to have a much higher fuel consumption rate, as they are not running at their most efficient. Even seemingly minor issues, like needing an oil change, can actually have a big impact on the amount of petrol that it takes to run your car. Services will pick up on these details and will rectify them, making the whole car much more efficient and hopefully saving you a lot of money in unnecessary fuel.

Most car owners fully service their car every year or every 12,000 miles

We provide a number of services including:

  • MOT’s
  • Petrol and Diesel vehicle work and repairs
  • Brakes
  • Exhausts
  • Welding

  • Shock absorbers & springs
  • Laser tracking wheel alignment
  • Collection/Drop-off service
  • Taxi’s plated
  • Servicing and repairs for any make of vehicle


Services are crucial to the safety. Modern cars can be extremely complicated and people who are not trained mechanics cannot possibly be expected to know everything there is to know about the inner workings of their vehicle. Trying to service your own car could result in you causing damage to your engine which could be extremely dangerous or considerably expensive to fix.

A Service will pick up on problems before things start to go wrong. If you ended up with a vital part of your engine breaking whilst you are driving at 70 mph on the motorway, this could be incredibly dangerous. Getting your car serviced allows you to find out which parts of your car are wearing out before they do break in the safe environment of the workshop.


Failing to service your vehicle each year to save a few pounds really is a false economy. Regular servicing can help to identify issues early on that could later become costly and expensive to rectify. Take engine oil for example, it’s needed to lubricate and protect the moving parts inside your engine.

Regular servicing can also save motorists money at the petrol pump. New oil and air filters make for a smoother running engine and a more fuel efficient car, while addressing issues such as under inflated tyres will reduce rolling resistance and improve fuel consumption